Phobophobia [Single] [Explicit]

by Naga Jolokia

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released May 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Naga Jolokia Oregon

I'm the number 1 atheist MC.

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Track Name: Phobophobia [Explicit]
Gettin' bored of ya
I'm warnin' ya
There's more ta
Look fa
In the culture

I can't stand ya
Misled by propaganda
Defendin' terrorism
And wife-beatin'

Starvation, can't feed 'em
Call it religious freedom
It's misleadin'
You're deceivin'

No one believes Islam is a religion of peace
When Al Qaeda increases the deceased
In the name of Allah
American lives get robbed

While you promote alternate theories
Conspiracy nutjob
If you ignore the evidence
Of the precedence,
Give my dick a slob

'Cause Charlie Hebdo
Got played like Pepto
Bismal, it's dismal
Facts and lies are not equal

And I'm tired of givin' America haters a pass
If you livin' like a Justice crusader, suck my ass

Jolokia will joke ya
If you claim anti-concepts
There's no such thing as "Islamophobia"
I ain't knowin' ya
So I'm showin' ya
That you can't prop culture of hate

A system of theocracy
Destroyin' democracy

Siren to the fates
Destroying potential to greatness
Falsely accuse others of racism
To shut out individualism
Destroy free thinking
And you call it liberalism

Claimin' American culture is patriarchy
But check your idiocracy
As you support religious domination
Women reduced to nothin' more than slaves
Gimmie a break

If you think America's bad,
Move to Afghanistan
Iran, Pakistan
Where the victims of persecution
Get prepped for execution

And realize how much of a fake
You fuckin' snowflakes
Really are,
Tweetin' outrage from your cars,
Write on a napkin from a bar
While bumping Bruno Mars

Think about your freedom to complain
And explain
Why facts cause you pain

An your argument falls apart like a cake in the rain
'Cause McArthur Park is melting in the dark
Candygram, but I'm really a shark

Pullin' apart
Your unethical
Victim culture
You're a vulture

Let's draw Muhammed now
As our lives get Jihaded now
By the wild child
The Islamic prophet
Touched on now
Did you know he was a pedophile?

Married to a 12 year old child,
This is Islamic culture now,
Culture of vultures
Beheaded by sultans
I claim the name of Satan

Not all Muslims are terrorists
But the Qur'an reads like a white supremacist
It's your bible that's bigoted!
Islamophobia? Man, you can stick it

You attack a free land
And come to the defense
Of the ty-ran-ical
Haven't you
Come up from your limited world view
Actin' rude

Who you think you are, dude?
Defending those that hate us
Attacking our greatness
Promoting your fakeness
Motherfuck you