Moron Committee [Single] [Explicit]

by Naga Jolokia

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released June 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Naga Jolokia Oregon

I'm the number 1 atheist MC.

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Track Name: Moron Committee [Explicit]
Moron Committee
On the Internet talkin' shitty
Moron Committee
On the Internet talkin' shitty

I'm not copasetic
Pop rappers make me diabetic
Yeah, I said it,
Too sugary sweet
Suckin' a teat
So I kick your ass with big feet

Nobodies can get bloody
You diss me
You're a snowflake, honey
I take you out like Bugs Bunny

Ain't nothin' funny
About my rap skills
I'll bust your grill
If you don't wanna chill
I'm the waiter with a bill
I need your head on the grill

I'm a hater "cannibill"
In this canopy
I'm Jolokia
You said how can it be?
Me and the mic
Even tighter
Than a can of peas

If you dissin' my raps then fuck you
Go listen to Soulja Boy and his wack ass crew
You ain't down with my voodoo
Wack MCs get played by my hoodoo
I get paid, boo-koo

Moron Committee
On the Internet talkin' shitty
Moron Committee
On the Internet talkin' shitty

Talkin' shit
About the new Ghostbusters flick
Sound like a bitch
Shut up before I bust your lip
You're on a banana peel
Waitin' to slip
Don't trip
I flip the script

And you don't know how to react
This MC's a mix, I'm part-black
Atheist, not Jewish
You're too prudish
I'm too ruthless

I mack this rhyme like a pimp
Ain't got no limp
And my competitors are simps

You can't rhyme
You're simple like Simon
Can't match the flow I'm in
Nobody knows
How Jolokia's rhymin'

You wanna imitate
But you just sound fake
And lame,
Call you wheat
'Cause you're a grain
A fuckin' snowflake
Tryin' to diss the great

Moron Committee
On the Internet talkin' shitty
Moron Committee
On the Internet talkin' shitty

Jolokia's got more skills than you
If you bitin' my lyrics
I'm killin' you
Call me the unholy spirit

'Cause I don't believe in god
The way that I hear it,
The reason you dissin'
You fundamentalist Christian
You wishin'
You could be better than me
But I'm the number one atheist MC

I flow like the breeze
Clock you suckers with ease
While I make cheese

Eat you like a burger patty
Call me Big Daddy
I'm not Mike O'Malley
And I'm not from the alley

I'm from Strong Island
Wild and violent
I don't free style
But I rhyme for miles

The versatile
Voodoo child
You say you don't like me
You're in denial
Get thrown on a pile

After I barbeque 'em
I never knew 'em

Threw 'em
On the fire
For my desire
To see wack MCs expire

In a white room with black curtains
Rappers, I murder 'em
You rap virgins
Urgin' for a surgeon

Remove the glass dick
From your ass that's bleedin'
D-list cretins
Swallowin' semen
I'm a demon
Stop your schemin'
There's too much breathin'
You need to be screamin'

I've proven your wackness
'Cause I question the blackness
Of the wack kid
I dissed your mattress

I'm still the best
Put you to the test
Make you confess
I'm the better one
Call me Sam's son
I spit fire like Samsung
Hold ya for ransom

Moron Committee
On the Internet talkin' shitty
Moron Committee
On the Internet talkin' shitty
Track Name: Rappin' Atheist [Explicit]
I'm light-skinned
Like George Herriman
My rap's addictive
Like heroin
Fire Walk With Me
Like Sheryl Fenn
I'll cut ya
Like Errol Flynn
Make ya trick the president
Like Marilyn
Try to diss
You cannot win

I'm an atheist
Not a Cath-o-lic
But a Misfit
Like Danzig
Make ya Slam
Like Onyx
Or Sonic
With the Chronic
I am bionic

You'll be haunted
By my hot hit
Drop it
In a mosh pit
When I flaunt it

I'm a rockabilly
Rockin' steady
Like Flo & Eddie
And I'm ready
To shatter your reality

Make you dickheads scatter
Each and every day
You don't like it when I say
Black lives matter?
Black lives matter
Black lives matter
Black lives matter

Play this shit again
Until my pockets get fatter
Watch me play rappers

Like a soufflé
I'm wrappin' a phrase
Mass in a maze
blastin' the play
Castin' for days
In Mount Shasta
I spray Kafka on Lays
Eatin' bug spray
Squeezin' O.J.
Bloody glove on a pavement

That's "historay"
Faster unlockin' a crate
Dockin' me
While I'm droppin' the bait
Hockin' the play
Stoppin' the hate
You mockin' the great
You should be ashamed
Never droppin' in fame

Am I a rappin' atheist
Or atheist rapper first
Check your bible verses
I disperse the divirgent
It's urgent
You feed me 72 virgins
Like your god was urgin'

I'm lurkin' at the precedent
Watchin' you murkin' malevolent
Distanced from civility and intelligence

I'm not responsible if you're offended
By my legend
Open ended
Watchin' the defenses

I put offense on tracks
As you increase the tax
Jobs decrease
With the homeless
As your policy lower wage
The poverty wave

Drowin' in democracy, Ace
Good job, idiot
Another democracy saved
Hypocrisy age
Turn America into Venezuela
Socialism is a failure
And you dumb shits keep promotin' it
Growin' it,
Never ownin' up to it

Disruption, you blew it
The function of my muse
Is to call out
The bail out
Blowin' taxpayers assholes out
We were healthy until gout
The economy drought
Drowin' me now
So I say it loud
Can I get capitalism now?
Release from this rap prison now?

Any bottles, bones or rags today?
'Cept the one you on
Overreactin' to the facts that I say?
Who said it had to be this way?
No handouts to the lazy
You can't faze me
'Cause I'm back like Shady
To attack a gray concept

Bring back high-fade rockers
And pop-lockers
Hip-hoppers, not hip-poppers
Do you need a cloth
'Cause I'm on top
'n you fell off
Like Asher Roth

'Cause your rappin' is bullshit
Got roasted,
Lyrically toasted
You boasted
But couldn't back up
Your track sucks
Tell your masta to back off
Y'all act up
Get smacked up

I'm the mack of the wack
Pimpin' lyrically lackin'
In a shack
In the belly of a mackral

'Cause you still believe in Noah
This atheist will show up
In a diss, this is grown stuff,
I'm a grown up,
You spread butts,
I head shove
Dead fucks

Get off deez nuts,
Rectum, killed 'em,
Thrilled 'em, drilled 'em
Grill bust or trap 'em
Like Ghostbusters,
Egon Spengler
With my luster

Love ya,
Pretend to be tougher
You not a hustla,
I rushed ya,
Rush this,
Hush justice,
Mush luster
In leather
Severin' heads of competitors

Not literally but metaphorically
So you ignore me
To claim hip-hop is violence and insane
'Cause you limey and lame
Head for a train
Dead from bustin' a vein

Bed for the fame,
Head for the door
But claim you not a whore
Insane is what you are
Ghetto superstar, you'll never go far
I wish you critics would get hit by a car