Clone of the Identical [Single] [Explicit]

by Naga Jolokia

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released May 22, 2017



all rights reserved


Naga Jolokia Oregon

I'm the number 1 atheist MC.

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Track Name: Clone of the Identical [Explicit]
Differential in your spiritual
If you ever succeed, it's a miracle
Or maybe you Blow like Kurtis
Ingestin' blow in your cervix
Lettin' Methric's cum drip from your uterus
And your pussy hurtin'

Put your career on life support
You won't be seen on a TV report
Won't even find a corpse
When I take you to court

Your rhymes are divorced
From reason and thought
You ought to shut up
'Cause your head is fucked
No brain in your nut
You're not a rapper, you're a cluck
Suspect you're a cuck

Stick you with a knife
While I'm fuckin' your wife
You need a Pro-Tools splice
Listenin' to rappin' mice
Gettin' sliced
By the spice
I'm tired of being Nice
Peet in your rhymes
Peed on your nine
Once or twice

'Cause I got more flavor than Ice
Get Cubed like a Death Sentence
You're not Unholy, seek Repentance
I'm King Kong, you're a peasant
You're wack and unpleasant

I'm hesitant
To diss
Someone this
Wack on my track

You're actors
Like Catholics
Need schoolin'
Your vocabulary is Groot
Who you think you foolin'

How you gonna say Year of the Sword
When you sword-swallowers
Followers, bad modelers,

Three crackers play you handy
Make you Amos 'n Andy
Mr. Skin Suit dandy

Playin' that stereotype
Think they pull this when the rapper's white?

Nope, you're just a joke
Tryin' to be a white racist's toy
After your label got smoked
A sell out will do anything if he's broke

Majik Ninjas can't flow
Dissin' fans while claimin' Juggalos
Wipe the snot off your nose
You actin' like a ho

Saw you givin' a blow
To Jamie Spinialo
You close fellows
Tell his nutsack hello
Dick G-Blows

Like an idiot, though
I don't depend on them like you, bro
Oh no, your flow no go
Stupid ho, remind you
Who paid for your video
Go rap in Kokomo
With your coke up your nose

You're a minstrel show
Actin' slow for mo
Money dummy
Can't match Jolokia so you shun me

At least I'm a man
Understand, that's the plan
They disrespect for the sham
'Cause the Dojo flim-flam

Jamie's got a little bit of bitch in him
Amen, another sin
So black up your face and grin

At least I don't have Majik Ninja rob me
Jamie and Paul constantly say nigga,
'Cause they think G-Mo is their property
Can't escape poverty
Promoting racism
To increase black misery
So your white label heads profit
You'll never get a hot hit
Off this rot bit

So knock it
'Cause you can't rock it
With your unintelligent
Lack of lyrical skill

Is why you can't pay bills
While I bust out your grill
My flow kills your shizzle
Drizzle idiot
Your lyrics and flow are shit

Let Jolokia
Show you how to rap
I'm not givin' daps
It's a fact,
You blind like L. Ron Hubbard on crack

I'm black and blue
But I'm blacker than you
With your all-white crew
Beggin' with big heads I can shoot
A head I can boot
Your lyrics are doo-doo
You're not the shit, you're just poop
Of a cat, represent that

Your head should meet a bat
The victim of a rap attack
Rap on that
Massive like I'm phat
Hassle the wack
Castle on a hat
Spastic like elastic

Send you to Jurassic
You're not Rakim or Shabazz
Wacker than Vinnie Paz
No skill, just call other rappers fags

'Cause you got nothin' goin' for ya
'Cept blind homophobia
Who's claimin' they knowin' ya
When you behave like a bigot
Rap fantasy not what you livin'

Your rap's not a classic
You'll never go platinum
Not even plastic

I mash and I bash it
Your rappin' is tragic
Can't clash with the magic
You never had it
So kick it like a habit
You're a scared little rabbit
Wanna-be Psychopathic

Tryin' to match it
Buyin' rhymes on credit
Try to K-Fed it
Tryin' to imitate them
But you're not Eminem
So give up rappin' for Lent
Tryin' to knock out Clark Kent
You're unimpressive

You're not special, you're a snowflake
You're so fake
So patronizing
It's latent
You hater
Don't name drop the greater
Or I'll leave you in a crater
Destroy ya ain't a savior

You're a bum
And you're dumb
Suburban hoodlums
Self destruct like Muslims
Come on

This is hip-hop, you're not a part of this
You're an imitator, no room to diss
O.G. innovators, you're an anal cyst
Leave you red like a Crip

With the style you bit
Bust a Nile in your lip
Lyin' for a dick sip

Target of my hit list
Or should I say my shit list
Grab George's dick
You're not finished suckin' it

I destroy you when I'm bustin' this
Rushin' this
Crushin' this
Hushin' kids
Close your lid

Split your wig
You're cancer like a cig
Bust the trough like a rap pig
Dig your gluttony
Your flow can't fuck with me

Your skin-suit gimmick
Minstrel menstrual lame,
Try to spit like Wacka Flame
It's a shame, your pain
G-Mo Scarecrow doesn't have a brain
So his wack flow gets sprayed
Jackin' off 'cause you can't get laid
You're on welfare 'cause your label doesn't pay
Stop tryin' to ride clown nuts to fame
Got Majik dicks up your butt for a play

Without Joe you wouldn't even have a name
Loco shame, I'm an alien not a homosapien
I'm unmolested but your label's rapin' em
So I hit you with my book in the face
Remove your Facebook, misplaced

It's a joke how much of a crook
You're pretending to be
But you're not Jolokia
Lacking skill and speed
Wack and spilled from weed
Anthem shillin' Chief
Keef wannabe,
Whose nuts are these?

You wish you were Dog Beats
You're not Kool Keith
Or Schooly D
Everyone can see
It’s like Soulja Boy tryin’ ta diss Ice-T
When you diss ICP

I flow like the breeze
Knock you out with ease
While you make ears bleed
Without the talent you need
Got signed not for ability
To rap but cause you swallowed some seed

Signed 'cause your ass spread
Don't forget to take your meds
And get your nails ped
You're just a woman

Giving Jamie head
And taking it in the rear
Your career is Dead
'Cause I leave you in a Pool
Tryin' to diss the hip-hop old-school

You look like a fool
No one thinks you're cool
Swallowing dick and drool
Sit on the spool
Your talent is null
Should be left in a hole

Matrix pills you hold
Wrong choice you pull
Now you look like an asshole
Tryin' to hassle
A rapper of value

While you marked down
Blue-Light Special
Throwin' rocks in a glass house
After you smoked it, mockin'
The elephant when you're a mouse

It's evident from the evidence
Your lack of precedence,
Confusing stupidity for malevolence
Losin' it, 8 Mile soundtrack LP
Joe Bruce should knock your teeth out
For the shit that comes out of your mouth

G-Mo, G-Blows, low blow
Fuck yo, drunk on rum
Where you come from?
Are you really that dumb?

This ain't The Chronic, son
I'm Bionic, son
It's ironic, son
How numb your buns
From the dicks stuck up in it
You're invisible

Clone of the Identical
No success so pray for a miracle
No real rap in this
Your career's like god, it doesn't exist

I'm the godless
Lyrical atheist
I made this,
You just fakeness
So suck a dick
You'll never get rich
You're not a man,
You're a bitch

You're a ninja like my nuts are shrimp
Jamie fucked you so hard you got a pirate limp
So I slapped you like a pimp
'Cause you're a simp
Cryin' like a wimp
Twiztid's dicks split your hips
Your career's in the pits
'Cause your rap style is shit